Books from The Holiday Sisters

Andrew's Grandmother, Mary Ellen Fimbel, and his Aunt Michelle Boggiano have each written wonderful children's books to help raise money for Andrew's Toy Box. Below is the information about their books, which can be purchased on this site or at the following link:
"The Amazing Giving Tree Secret" by Mary Ellen Fimbel

Can twins Luke and Brayden discover "The Amazing Giving Tree Secret" and bring Christmas joy to their friend, Elena, who will be staying in the hospital for the holidays? Experience the kindness and love that lead them to the true meaning of Christmas. Join them as they embark on this journey of compassion and generosity.

Discover the gift of joy for both those giving and receiving when the virtues of love and kindess are shared.  Learn the value of reaching out to others to make the world a better and brighter place.  Challenge yourself to the excitement and amazing rewards of creating your own personal Giving Tree.

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"Jesus' Birthday Gift" by Michelle Boggiano

What if you had been there that wonderful night when God sent the birthday gift to Jesus – el regalo tan lindo?  "Jesus' Birthday Gift" is a gift for you, too.  You will travel with Mary, Joseph and the burrito on the difficult trip to Bethlehem.  Experience their difficulties - Pobrecita Mary...Pobrecita Joseph.  You will see the door shut in their faces.  You will see the little Child and witness the miracle of that blessed night - God's gift, para Su Ninito.
You also will find a great miracle in this gift that is meant for you. How can you hold on to it? And what if you lose it?  

Children and adults will love this book for its special message and simple language that is sprinkled with Spanish, as well as its colorful illustrations that beautifully complement the text.

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