Dear Mary,

This is the list of places that we visited to deliver toys during the past Christmas season:

-2 Hospitals in Las Cruces

- Hospital Pediatrico of Juarez, Chih

-Las Palmas Medical Center

-Providence Hospital (We went there 3 times, EPHS and Coronado HS, Franklin HS, and St. Luke's Catholic Church. Peggy and Ann are always wonderful, very kind and loving. They told me to say Hi to you and also say thank you for the gifts cards. (They never ever want to accept the gift cards, but I told them that those are your instructions! they just smile and say thank you)  

-Ronald McDonald House

-House of Hope

-El Paso Childrens Hospital (2 times, one to the pediatric area and another one to the Oncology floor. One of our volunteers, Mr. Leonel Ortega, parishioner from St. Luke's,  went to the 7th floor, which is the oncology floor and I did the other toy delivery)

-El Paso Specialty Clinic (Mrs. Galdos retired, she is no longer there, but the new nurse in charge is wonderful too)

-Las Alas Youth Ministry

-Reynolds Home 

-Annunciation House

-Brilliant Minds

-Sister Janet 

-Mr. Edward and Jane Garza (TitleMax)  did a toy drive for ATB. they are parishioners at St. Luke. He is the district manager for Title Max. I was very grateful with them and I gave them a thank you note that he sent to all the managers and employees.


-All the fabulous members of the Coronado Basketball team and Coach David Ortega,

-All the fabulous ladies members of the El Paso High school Volleyball team and my daughter Isa Salazar, and Coach Yesenia Alarcon-Ortega,

-All the fabulous members of the Golf team of Franklin High School, booster president and coaches,

-Father Marcus McFadin,

-Claudia Egger

-Office assistants: Mercedes M. Thrush & Dorothy J. Miranda

-Leonel Ortega

-Montserrat Covarrubias,

-Jorge covarrubias,

-Magdalena Olmedo,

-Juan Porfirio Isasi,

-Sarah Isasi,

-Laura Torres Mata,

-AND MY HUSBAND AND KIDS : ) Max, Mayte, Luis e Isa Salazar

I did receive the new updated brochures and I used/attached them when we were giving the thank you notes and the cookies to all our donors, just to let them know that we really appreciate them for all they do for ATB.  For instance, when I was giving the coaches the gift/cookies, the thank you note and the brochure, I highlighted in the brochure,  the name of their high school and showed them that. They were really happy.  

All my love and prayers,

Aurora "Boris" Salazar : )